Charleston area Trees usually grow approx 40"yearly or more depending on your trees' variety and weather conditions. With increasing temperature conditions and colder withers with intermittent hot weather in the winters we have seen unusual growth in the trees in our area up to 4 times normal growth cycles. The quick growth of trees can create limbs that are more vulnerable to breaking. Have our Expert staff inspect your trees to prevent hazards around your home! Pruning or lifting of larger dangerous limbs can be required by your home owners insurance carrier approx 12 to 15ft height is required when limbs get too overgrown over structures. Insurance carriers have been sending an inordinate amount of cancellation notices to homeowners to have their trees pruned. Don't be one of the many clients we have who have this unfortunate experience. Call us for a inspection and consultation. Prune when necessary to safeguard and protect your home.

A. CLASS #1 PRUNING: includes the removal of all diseased branches and deadwood, cross-hatched limbs and sucker limbs. We also include by finishing any previously improper pruning cuts to maximize the full potential of your trees' health.

CLASS #2 PRUNING: is essentially the same as a class 1 pruning, but more economical.
With this pruning your tree will be pruned up to 1/2 of the total height.

SAFETY PRUNING: This pruning is to ensure the maximum safety to your property. Certain trees can have limb growth over and surrounding properties that can be hazardous when the limbs extend too far and cant support their weight in high winds and heavy rain storms.

With this pruning we remove unwanted sucker growth and design your tree according to the health needs of each tree. This helps to establish a healthy growth pattern and reduces long term decline and high maintenance costs. Essential for young trees.

Removing unwanted deadwood and sucker limbs every 3 years is optimal, lateral pruning approx every 2 years depending on nearby structures ect.

FERTILIZATION: At The Tree Expert company we have been feeding and preserving trees for over 34 years. We have found that planting fertilizer is the most effective method available for our Charleston area. Each Tree has its own needs for supplementing nutrition in an urban environment.
Our methods are primarily organic based fertilizer and added nutrients and sub nutrients depending on each trees individual need.

A Bi-annual or annual Root Feeding is best depending on the overall health of the tree.

SPRING: A nutrient rich high nitrogen fertilizer with added sub nutrients planted in the soil that is absorbed by the tree throughout the year.

FALL: Mycorrhizal fertilization process, the fungus colonizes the host plant's roots fertilizer to establish healthy bacteria in the trees root system which greatly assist in nutrient absorption.